An independent Executive Search and Leadership Consulting Firm

An unique expertise in attracting talents and bridging & Connecting them to clients

our consultants are able to solve the most sophisticated researches or to find the best solutions to address client’s business needs.

Our clients retain Bridgefy Partners as close partner

to leverage our search approach and our track-record of presenting the highest caliber profiles. They appreciate our vision and our deep insight of the human nature, our social intelligence (combining and balancing genders and generations) and our profound knowledge of the culture, values and purpose of their organization to be capable of finding the right candidates

our Services

Executive Search

We combine successful and relevant experience of high added value for your clients. We provide and identify talents across sectors thanks to a international and large network of talents.

Leadership & Assessment

We provide clients with advices they need to make leadership decisions. Our purpose is to help clients identify the best talents who will improve the vitality and efficiency of their organization and able to face company's challenges.

Board recruitment & Advisory

Our areas of expertise span advisory boards, board composition and compensation, board effectiveness and assessment, director recruitment and onboarding, governance best practices and leadership succession and development.

Key Functions​

- Executives
- Board members
- Experts / Rare specialists
- Young High Flyers & Future Top Managers

Specialized Expertises

- Industrial (Manufacturing, Energy)
- Consumer (Consumer Products, Luxury)
- Financial (Wealth Management, Asset Management,
Commercial Banking, Private Equity)
- Built Environment / Real Estate